Saturday, July 18, 2009

Maven and Netbeans 6.7

Recently Sun relases netbeans 6.7 a great and mature IDE.I am using Netbeans 6.7 from day one when it relased and ready to download.It provides lot of feature like application servers, databases, profilers, debuggers, RESTFul services, SOAP support, XML editors and database browsers etc But one new feature I find really good and productive which shifted myself from eclips to netneans 6.7 .

It maven support. Netbeans 6.7 offer native support for maven2 with no need for additional plug-ins or workarounds. I find its support much better then maven's eclips support. Netbeans 6.5.1 used Ant for the entire build process,. Ant support works well, but the Ant scripts generated were complicated and difficult to maintain without NetBeans. Maven projects can now be opened and built directly in NetBeans without requiring conversion or adaptation. Maven archetypes are available for creating Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) projects. Deployment, remote debugging and profiling now also work with Maven.

Its new version includes additional useful functions such as visual dependency graph of module relationships, auto-completion for searching for dependencies in POM (Project Object Model) and full-text searching in the repositories.

Its provide built-in support to creating maven standalone projects,web project and enterprise application.Maven project makes your project indpendance of IDE.Maven project created in netbeans automatically open in IntelliJ Idea or Eclips as maven project no workaround needed to convert project type specific to IDE.

you can also customize your maven global settings from options and create your shortcut for mostly used goal in user friendly way.Currently I am using Netbeans IDE for my professional work.

It also provides lots of other good options Kenai integration,a powerfull UML Designer plugin ,better svn support,web services support and lot of more things which I didn't explore.


Ludovic said...


What about the support of maven and visual JSF ?


Haroon idrees said...

maven support jsf but i think it doesn't support visual jsf and it also doesnot support j2me

Mukhtiar Ahmed said...

It support j2me from 5.0 version

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